At the end of 2006, Mr. McClain formed his own company, SVMc Artistic Designs, where he is able to fulfill a life long dream of doing what he loves to do - creating thought-provoking art, while also giving back to communities that are deprived of artistic expression. After nearly 13 years of hesitation, procrastination, and continuous reconsideration, I am finally able to pursue a lifelong dream. My dream was to create art under my own power, my own inspiration, and my own logo – within my own business. With the help of friends and family, I began taking digital pictures of my accumulative artwork, reformatting those works stored electronically, gathering art resources, slowly creating new pieces, and completing personal research in order to take on this daunting task of publicly showcasing and selling my work.
I also had to thoroughly think about what my artwork will portray and what my company or logo would mean to the buyer or prospective consumer. I definitely wanted to produce high quality art, but I wanted to sell more than just another “picture on the wall.” I wanted my artwork to be theme-riddled and thought-provoking. I wanted my business to be a personal experience, meaning I wanted to be publicly accessibly through art exhibitions, and historically African American venues. I also wanted to be continuously visible within African American communities, while at the same time giving back to those communities that lack resources for artists or an art curriculum within public schools. I believe that art is an expression of the soul, should be available to all, and be mentally and visually stimulating.
SVMc Artistic Designs was formed at the end of 2006 with all these aspirations in mind. It has been 13 years too long, and I thank all those who contributed to this project for their support and patience.
           Stacy Victor McClain was born in Albany, Georgia, one of five children. He began to demonstrate a remarkable talent for creating art at the tender age of four. Throughout his adolescent years he participated in local art exhibitions, where he won numerous awards for his artistic pieces. After graduating from Monroe High School, Mr. McClain received a four year athletic scholarship to Armstrong Atlantic University (formerly Armstrong State College) where he continued to develop, refine, and master his unique artistic style throughout his 4 year tenure as an Art major.
Mr. McClain uses mixed media to create his original pieces: acrylic, pencil, pastel, and charcoal. Despite his subject matter, Mr. McClain’s art work continues to captivate the eye and minds of any race, color, or cultural group.
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